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What are your thoughts about email marketing?

Do you believe the marketing pundits who proclaim “Email is dead”? Or have you tried to use it and not seen success? Both of these ideas are wrong. Over the years, we have learned that there are two reasons for this discussion; firstly, there are people who simply believe it because email is dead because they read it somewhere on internet and never try themselves and, secondly, there are people who try e-mail marketing without having any sort of basic knowledge and end up believing this myth as the universal reality of reality.

One of the Best ROIs for Marketing

Speaking from personal experience, I find e-mail marketing to be by far the most trusted and highest return providing marketing tool. And while it is not possible to discuss and correct all the wrong things, the following are some of the most important things that you can do right in order to get an amazing level of ROI on e-mail marketing.

Try It. You’ll See the Benefits

  1. Your regular email won’t do for marketing. You definitely need to invest in a tool that is not your regular email account for many reasons. The number one, hopefully, you will send emails to the masses and your regular email can’t handle all the functions that an email blast company can do. Just knowing the value of who opened versus who didn’t is a great insight for you or your marketing team.
  2. Pick the right tools for you. You should pick an email marketing vendor that works with your level of acumen.  Yes, I believe that a full suite of marketing automation is important to grow your business but why waste time on a complete CRM if you won’t be able to take advantage of its features. Start with MailChimp, Constant Contact, or My Emma and as you start to play with the features you can graduate into their audience segmentation, automation, etc.
  3. You need a good list. Again, it’s a common misconception that a mailing list does not make you money but people still buy from people they know and brands they trust. So, you need to start off with your network and send emails to them about your company. But eventually, your list needs to transition to people who really want and need your product or service (your ideal customer)! A list full of your ideal customers is the ultimate key to making all the money you desire.
  4. Keep Your Emails Real and Personal – Yes, you want to sell something but too many emails claiming to save up to 90% or making millions simply go to spam folder. You must not talk about your products or services in every email. Instead, try to develop a personal connection by sharing useful information, news or sentiments. As a rule of thumb, “selling” more than once in ten emails is overdoing it.
  5. Being Creative. The hardest part of any email campaign is pulling together ideas, creating content with visuals and last, sending them on a regular basis.    As part of your marketing plan, we suggest that you create a marketing calendar and use your campaigns as the basis for your email blast.
  6. Sending them. Even we have to devote time to make sure we send blasts on a regular basis and we’re a marketing company. Your calendar will help and if you spend time doing the legwork upfront and some automation to it sending emails won’t be an issue.

 Email Marketing Still Rules

So, yes, we believe emails are an important part of your marketing strategy. It is a measurable way to communicate with your clients and to get potential clients excited about doing business with you.  Plus, it’s a cheap way to get the word out! We hope you read this and follow our steps to email success. We know that once you start to see the benefits you will increase brand awareness, sales, and customer retention.

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