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What If We All Had Superbowl Ad Budgets

Real fast, how many brands can you remember from yesterday's Superbowl ads? Not the celebrities, but the companies behind them.  Of the ones you remember, how many stores or websites did you visit today? Of the stores and websites you visited, did you purchase?  If you did any of these Call-to-Actions, those companies spent $6.5 million ( not including celebrity salaries) on Superbowl ads to get you to do those actions.  And in the next few days, they will spend more.

Why do these companies invest millions of dollars in ads? Because it takes between 6-20 brand mentions to get you to make a purchase.  For me, I woke up with Superbowl news pushed to me via Google and  YouTube commercials pushed too. That is no surprise since I LOVE football, the commercials, and the show, and every year I start Googling the players, commercials, and the halftime artist surrounding the Superbowl.

My family laughs at my reactions to Superbowl ads. It's almost as funny as me watching my Philadelphia EAGLES play. So here's a few I remember, but no, I didn't go to their website or buy anything. I just remembered them this morning and decided to write this post. I will say this no one who watched Superbowl ads can ever say they don't know about Cryptocurrency and Electric Cars!


There were a lot of ads about electric cars but my favorite was with Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenneger. Salma's role as a wifey to Sam Jackson and Arnold seems to work for her but in the 30 seconds or so it played, I wanted the BMW Electric.  Perhaps, it is because I am in the demographic for celebrities. I also liked the Sopranos-themed ( give me a great soundtrack and I'm all in) one but I can't remember the brand.


I have to admit, I was a cool person until my cousin started talking about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.  It was at that moment, I became one of the old people who don't get it. I wished last night's commercials changed my mind and helped me get into Crypto. I want to be cool. They didn't.  There was one that stood out. It was Coinbase.  It was a series of QR codes playing on the screen and the only reason I knew is that it was a mistake. After listening to the founder, Brian Armstrong on How I Built This and hearing his vision I understood the reason for Crypto but the commercial didn't give me any of that.

The CTA for that ad wanted me to take my phone, try to capture the QR code and then... It just showed me how uncool I'm not. That was just too much work for me.  I understood more about Crypto listening to the interview than I did the commercials.  As I watched them one after the other, I was reminded of the era commercials from years ago.  Where are those companies now?  I remember! The good news for Coinbase, Bitcoin, and the rest is that I ever did decide to "invest" in Crypto I have choices.


This is not the time to rant about People Magazine and its picks but you can tell by the heading how I feel. That said, I completely understand why Lay's chips picked Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen for their pitchmen. They are just so everyman and seem to be themselves in everything they do.  I don't know if they're just funny by nature or if they work on it but I completely bought into their commercial friendship. I already eat plain Lay's so a commercial won't make me eat more or try their weird flavors ( turkey and gravy, apple pie, wasabi. etc)  but I appreciate a company that already has market share spending bucks to keep them top of mind.

What Will Your Customers Remember?

Our marketing strategy is about understanding your customer and delivering your marketing where they are. We believe and start every project with the understanding that your customers have to be centric to your business.  We also know that our customers' budgets are limited. So another part of our strategy is to justify the cost of any tactic.  If the experts are right and it takes 6-20 touches and views before a customer buys from you and even if you were smart and had a marketing plan with a budget, did you budget $6.5 million for advertising? Of course, not.

That's fine. Most of us don't.  But we do need to understand the ROI of where your marketing dollars will go.  So while I love the Superbowl ads,  smarter marketing requires you to think about the ROI of all your marketing campaigns and put your dollars where your customers are. However, if you do have a $6.5 million dollars, please contact us TODAY. PLEASE!

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