We Know that Great Marketing Yields Sales Growth

Customer 1st Marketing (C1st) is a boutique marketing consultancy founded on the principle that marketing should focus on the relationship between businesses and their customers.  Started in 2011, by Maisha B. Hoye, Customer 1st Marketing develops, manages and executes marketing campaigns for local governments, non-profits, startups, and small businesses.

Customer 1st Marketing’s expertise is in the development and execution of integrated marketing campaigns that use public relations, social media, email, digital marketing and other marketing tactics to get you the fastest and highest ROI. Our campaigns emphasize the customer’s experience at each touch point and during the customer’s lifecycle. Each campaign has the goal to drive revenue by creating awareness and fostering faster buying decisions by elevating our client’s brand and products in the minds of its target market.

The C1st Difference: We Never Lose Focus on Your Customer

Customer 1st Marketing approaches each engagement with a business assessment prioritized from your customer’s perspective. We ask the marketing questions:

  • Who is your primary customer? Your secondary?
  • Where do they buy?
  • How do they make buying choices?
  • What sources do they use to get information?
  • When do they shop? When do they share info?
  • Why do they buy your competitor’s product or service?

Once those simple marketing questions are answered, we are able to develop marketing strategies that leverage your company’s most valuable asset–its customers.

This is the origin of our name and our marketing philosophy.  Putting our customers first is our key driver for success.  Keeping our clients focused on their customers, is how we have built success.  Simple to say, but hard to execute.

Focus on the Customer. Grow Your Company.

As your startup or small biz grows, keeping your customer as the core of your business gets more difficult.  There are many facts about the cost of keeping a customer versus getting a new one.

Additionally, we facilitate the growth of your business by optimizing profitable and sincere relationships between your brand and your customers. Focusing on customers is the best way to build revenue, remain profitable and measure the success of your business.

Our consultants are an extension of your team and develop customer-centric campaigns to accomplish your goals.