Know Your Customer From Every Business Angle

Customer 360 Marketing is knowing your customer through every system in your company. After spending 15 years in corporate America and seeing the competitiveness of different departments to get the CEO’s attention, our founder saw how easy it was to take the sights off of the most important person in an organization, the customer.

Ben McConnell’s book on customer evangelism states that your business will be successful IF:

  • You satisfy the customers’ wants, needs, and expectations of your product and company
  • The company and product is easy to use
  • It is of good value
  • Makes the customer’s lifestyle better by solving an unconscious problem

We agree 100%!  But if you’re a small but growing company it can be hard to keep your eye on your customer, monitor cash flow, keep track of invoices, and the list goes on.  However, as marketing has changed from a features-and-benefit-advertising-play so must your company.  We believe it starts with your customer.

Today, your customers are taking the lead in defining your brand, determining its value, and serving as your storyteller. What if you knew each other customer intimately? What if you could track them every place they interacted with your company? The power of that information will make you a better company with insights that will allow you to be in control of:

  • Your evangelists
  • Delivering a better customer experience
  • Understanding who your TOP customers are, no matter where they are in your sales cycle

A Customer Experience Management Program can be a guide to treating all your customers as VIP. If implemented effectively, not only will a brand increase its success and profits but also reduce the impact of economic conditions and fluctuating industry factors.

What is the C1st 360 Customer Experience Management Program?

C1st Marketing has created a methodology that automates, engages, and delivers insights into every customer that enters into your sales and marketing cycle.

  • Methodology
  • Nurturing
  • Engage
  • Automation
  • Intelligence

Benefits of a Customer Engagement Solution

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Reduce the cost of doing business
  • Increase opportunities to cross-sell and upsell
  • Target and retain profitable customers, move more customers to the top
  • Gather a better understanding of how your products and services meet your customer’s needs

Read more about the tools needed for a complete 360 Customer Management Experience Programs here.