What’s the Big Idea?


C1st believes that every company can accomplish its goals, even ones that seem impossible at the start.

These impossible goals we call your BIG IDEAS. BIG IDEAS allow us to still focus on the day-to-day marketing but it helps formulate us marketing plan that reaches high and accomplishes big and small wins on the way to
our goal.

The marketing plan is crucial to any entrepreneur who has a product or service it wants to sell. It is the way forward to achieve the overall sales goals of the company and defines strategies and tactics to get there.

C1st will develop a marketing plan to assist with your short and long-term business goals. This plan will have a marketing  calendar of repeatable marketing campaigns and a budget. Starting with our branding workshop, your marketing plan will:
• Develop a clear and original “brand” for your company.
• Form a coherent strategy that reaches a broad yet relevant audience.
• Respond to unique situations.
• Decide upon an appropriate budget
• Establish tasks and timelines to promote accountability.
• Success and failure metrics

And most importantly, your marketing plan will increase revenues and profitability.