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After your marketing campaign is over, there’s a moment when you feel lost and you wonder what your next move is. This happens to all of us so don’t feel alone. To overcome this feeling, we take a postmortem of the campaign.
Trust us, the post-marketing campaign downtime is as crucial as the excitement during the campaign.

We suggest taking the time to figure out what went right, what was wrong and how to do better the next time. Marketing is dynamic and an always changing business discipline so taking the time to review your last campaign is necessary.

Hopefully, you created performance metrics when you developed your campaign. So now is the time to pin down the results. Find out which posts that drove the most traffic, did your hashtags get new followers, how many leads and how many used your call to action? The point is that you need the results of the campaign. Some of the metrics we review are below.

Analyze Who Connected with the Campaign

To start with, did you create a bond with your target audience? If so, what did you observe? You can make a list according to the marketing platform that you used. Based on your observations during the campaign, you can also analyze the disposition of the people towards your brand products.

Make A List of the Things that Worked

If the campaign worked out as planned, make a list of the things that worked. Was the motivation powerful enough for drawing the attention of people? Were your brand representatives good at pulling customers into the event? As a social media campaigner, did your video go viral or did your product ads pull the crowd, more likes and more sales? You will use these ideas in your next campaign.

If you didn’t meet expectations:

If your campaign didn’t meet your expectations, then you go back to the “drawing board”. Success or not, the objective of this review is figure out your next move to make future campaigns better. Review your metrics, be honest and ask:

• Did it improve your sales? We believe that marketing drives sales. If you campaign sent people to your website and then nothing, then it might be time for a change.
• Did you have a simple call to action? We hate when companies make us go through hoops to purchase their product. (Use a landing page.)
• Was the timing, right? When did you decide to capitalize on Christmas sales? Having a marketing calendar helps you plan promotions.
• Ad platform wrong for your customer? If you’re advertising on LinkedIn but your customers are on Twitter, you wasted time and effort.
• Was your market too small? Too big? Luckily, today you can run a digital ad campaign and be able to tweak it anytime you need.

There are more questions you can ask but we suggest basing them off your metrics and whether you met your customer needs.

Our goal is to make this step a crucial part of your marketing processes and get you to capture the answers to use as the blueprint for future marketing campaigns. It will also help the marketing campaign is over blues.

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