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What’s the Number One Tool To Add in 2022?


What’s the one tactic startups and small businesses can add to their marketing toolkits in 2022? Digital marketing is it. After working on website after website and fixing the lead to conversion challenge, we can honestly say that the number one marketing action you can add to your toolkit is going Digital. Simply put, it’s time to add analytics to your site. In 2022 you need to ask and answer the  5Ws of marketing. 

  1. 30 days of salesWho are your customers? 
  2. Where are they shopping?
  3. How are they shopping? 
  4. What are they buying?
  5. Why are they buying? 

Getting analytics on your site will answer these questions. Then you are able to make better decisions, more creative campaigns and know which tactics to put your valuable time and resources into. 

Connect it all.

Your next step is to connect all your platforms into one system. This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enters into your digital world. You need a place where you can view your customers and see their behavior in its entirety, from interest to sales. We are lucky that today’s CRM systems, Capsule, Hub Spot, Marketo, and even your old school email system can be the beginning of you taking your digital data and turning it into the customer experience. Today’s customers expect a great user experience when going through their buying process. If you can get all your platforms working together, then sales will increase and close faster. Connect all of these things to work together to help you gather information and leads.

Going Digital Starts Where You Already Are.

You start where you want folks to go.  We tell our clients that they need to know where you want to go to conduct business. You need to create a sales process and platforms that collect leads. If you want Facebook/Instagram to be your sales tool then insights and commerce manager are your best friends. For the WNM, its the website.  All that we do are on the site and tells a story.  All tactics lead back to there.

Websites now have analytics, whether you use Google analytics or not,  feature of the site. As a marketing lead generator, the more metrics we have the better.  So whether you have WordPress, Wix, Go Daddy, etc, use the tool to help you determine:

  • Your digital marketing goal ( visits, leads, orders, etc.)
  • Which page needs fresh content
  • Which social media tool is getting you the best results and where do you need to focus more time and attention

Once you are looking at your data, you can answer your question about time and resources. This is the most important marketing question for startups and small businesses.

The What Now Movement gets most of their views from Facebook so we make sure that we put content on our page and group. Their 2nd referrer for WNM is direct. People are searching for “the what now movement” and we are on the 1st page of Google. So that means, the digital strategy needs to focus on keeping the website up to date and with fresh content. Hence, we launched a new blog.

As we work with WNM to start building a LinkedIn strategy we might see that social tactic become the #1 referrer instead of Facebook. The key to this information is that when we look at the analytics we’ll be able to tell when we should pivot our efforts to LinkedIn.

Going Digital Means Ads are Great.

Going digital also includes using ads to get the word out about your business. I am a fan of digital ads ( Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). If you have added analytics to your site, taken time to review, have an understanding of the 5Ws, your ads will be more focused and targeted to your audience. This is what marketing is about, reaching your audience at the right time with the right message. 

So just in case you skipped to the end of this post,  if you haven’t gone digital in 2021, let’s make going digital in 2022 part of your marketing goals for this year.

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