networking during Covid

So I knew that COVID-19 wasn’t going to affect my ability to do business. I work from home anyway. So I checked my calendar and realized that one of my key ways to grow my business is essentially closed to me. Networking is one of the ways that I accelerate my sales process.  In less than 5 minutes, I can pretty much know whether a new lead can turn into a potential client.  In fact, a few of our  30 Days of Growth Tips is about getting out of the office and networking to grow business.

What’s a Networking Queen to Do?

So what happens when that avenue is closed to the networking queen?  For me, it’s time to go digital. Now luckily, my team and I are marketing experts and we have a marketing plan in place. We, just like all growing companies,  may not always follow it but we have one.  But, we couldn’t prepare for the likelihood of a pandemic that has kept our customers inside or dealing with children 24 hours a day.

Go Digital

So C1st is going digital. Digital Marketing is all the sales and marketing activities that are internet-based.  It’s your social media, Google Ad words, landing pages, SEO, YouTube and any marketing tactic that starts with your phone, desktop or device and ends in a sale.

The first thing we did is to run a Facebook ad about our 30 Days of Growth Tips. Our goal is to get leads into our sales process while our target market is home and working on their businesses. Our 2nd goal with the ad is to generate revenue.  Our 30 Days campaign does two things for C1st.  It generates cash AND allows us to upsell our consulting services. For our customers, its the perfect combination of advice and action to take their sales and marketing to the next level. Perfect, for folks staying at home due to COVID-19.

Next, we are upping our keyword game.  Now, is the time to keep an eye on Google Trends and see if our keywords (marketing, small businesses, entrepreneurship, marketing tips)  are trending. If they are, it’s time to create a Google ad.  Good news for collaboration, conference call, and virtual meeting companies, they are trending!

Also, it’s time to add chatbots to our sales process. We use Facebook messenger on our pages and are pretty responsive.  At one point, we had a popup on this site requesting your information but not a real chatbot.  Technomind is our partner of choice for all things web.

Review and Revise

Speaking of digital marketing strategy,  we are going to take the time to review and revise our digital marketing plan. Marketing is moving as fast as technology and with the advent of AI, chatbots, programmatic advertising and other trends, staying at home is a great time to review and revise our digital marketing plan.

I shared our staying at home plan. What’s yours?

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