Intergrated Marketing

Marketing campaigns are specific, defined series of operations used in marketing a new or improved product or service by the application of diverse marketing channels and tools. It is the execution of one excellent idea that spreads to your customers, excites them, and makes them want to do business with you.

Here’s how we build fun, creative, and lead generating campaigns for our clients and how you can build one for yourself.

We do the research on your customer.

You need to understand your customers’ needs and wants to create a brand and deliver marketing messages that fulfill those needs. We spend time understanding where they are and how they like to buy your product. Your marketing plan may have covered this BUT if you didn’t do one, take the time now to understand your customer.

We determine the call to action.

Ask yourself what action do you want them to take? Your offer could be a free online course, a free trial, a simple visit to your website or to like your page. Just make sure it moves your customers to the next level of your sales cycle.

We create catchy messages.

What determines whether a message is catchy or not is simple. Does it make your customer want to do business with you or not? JUST DO IT.

We identify your marketing channels.

What marketing channel will you use to convey your message and pull in and catch your audience/buyers? Your media channels can include Websites, Social media, Email, Mobile, Search Engines and, Video. The channels you pick depends on where your customers are. For instance, if you’re targeting millennials you may want to take advantage of texting, new but exciting apps, or gaming. Whereas a campaign to moms might want to use Facebook.

We create a landing page.

When you are paying for advertising, you need to create a precise landing page for each campaign. A landing page concentrates your customers on your call to action. Make sure your landing page supports the ad in both content and design so that when your visitor clicks the link it knows that she is in the right place. Last, keep the call to action on the first page. Think about what your customer at all times.

We define your lead nurturing strategy.

Lead nurturing is creating a relationship with new leads that you obtain through a marketing campaign. It is also a way to stay in touch with leads who were not ready to make a purchase at the time of your campaign. Your goal is to “nurture” them through your sales process, keep them intrigued until they are ready. Once they click on your landing page, tour next job is to deliver and keep them happy so they purchase again or recommend you to their friends.

We track and measure results.

It is important to track your marketing activities to results. Results will be determined by what your goals were for the campaign. But in most cases, results are usually in terms of sales or qualified leads. We recommend using a customer relationship management system to keep track of results.

Effective marketing is often what singles out rapidly developing companies operating in the same industry.

If you’re ready to get strategic and use a marketing plan to accelerate your business, get in contact today.

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