Stand Out pencil Graphic

Stand Out pencil Graphic

Your brand is more than a logo.

It is a combination of the tangibles ( logo, identity kit, and your marketing platform) along with the intangibles. Your intangibles are your mission, vision, and your brand’s promise to your customers. It is the perception of both to your customers.  As you know C1st begins with your customer to help you create and deliver on your brand.

Who will your customer remember? You or your competitor.

If you can answer “my company”, then your brand is solid. If you’re not sure, then perhaps it’s time for our Customer 1st Branding Workshop.

No matter how iconic a logo and tag line may become, a company’s brand is more than its logo. Your brand is the sum of the visual, intangibles, promises, and messages that your company communicates with the world, especially its customers.  Taking the time to carefully formulate a brand identity that coincides with its values, goals, and beliefs, a company is clearly demonstrating its investment in its own mission and product.

C1st defines all messaging by focusing on the needs of the customer.   To define your brand, C1st will create a value proposition and subsequent messaging. Defining the customer’s needs is a key way for entrepreneurs to differentiate their business from the competition.

We use our marketing plan offering to further define who you’re company’s customers are, their needs, and your brand promise.

The Customer 1st Branding Workshop

This is a 2-3 hour discussion with you and your stakeholders where we:

  • Review the current elements of your brand, logo, website, colors, social media, etc.
  • Determine the unique selling points of your company
  • Discuss your core values and culture
  • Figure out the intangibles that will make your company stand out from the crowd.

Once the workshop is complete, your result is the building blocks for a new or updated, but memorable company image that becomes part of your customers’ memory, an important element of the customer experience.

Ready to start branding? Book a workshop today.