Maisha B. Hoye

Meet Maisha B. Hoye: Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Maisha B. Hoye, Founder and Chief Customer Officer, has developed marketing programs for startups to mid-size organizations, all with limited budgets and resources, in very competitive and innovative marketplaces. Ms. Hoye believes that successful marketing programs begin with the assessment of the business from the customer’s point of view and then develop marketing action plans. With over 15 years of marketing, Ms. Hoye loves creating marketing programs that align lead generation systems, social media, mobile marketing with the business and lead to increased customer engagement, more effective lead generation and higher revenue.

Her Marketing Expertise

She spreads her “customer-first” philosophy by developing marketing action plans that constantly consider the customer’s experience.  Need a marketing speaker who can inspire and take your clients to the next level, send us a message:

What’s The Big Idea? Creating Your Marketing Purpose (The Marketing Plan)

A marketing plan is crucial for every company. It is the way forward to the overall goals of the company and defines the strategies to get there. Ms. Hoye believes that every company can accomplish its goals, even ones that seem impossible at the start… Click here for more.

So You’re Ready To? Create a Marketing Campaign that Gets You Customers.

With a career in the tech world, Maisha Hoye is used to seeing groundbreaking, innovative technical solutions. However, great technology is useless unless there is a customer to buy it so her marketing focus is on understanding the needs of the customers. Click here for more.

Past the Launch. What’s Next for Marketing Your Business?

Startups have a marketing advantage when it comes to competing with larger companies and that is the need to be smart, agile and lead so creativity can flourish.  This session will cover the tools and processes a startup or small business needs to have a world-class marketing department. The website is obvious but to ensure that it can collect leads, begin the sales process and nurture other tools are needed. Click here for more.