Customer 360


What is a 360 Customer Experience Management Program?

 Marketing has evolved from a features and benefit advertising play to one where customers define your brand and serve as references whether you like it or not. Today,  it is more important than ever to create:

    •           Evangelists
    •           Better customer experience
    •           TOP customers no matter where they are in your sales cycle

C1st Marketing has created a methodology that automates, engages, and delivers insights into every customer that enters into your sales and marketing cycles.

    •         Engage
    •         Nurturing
    •         Automation
    •         Intelligence
    •         Customer Service

A Customer Experience Management Program can deliver a way to treat all your customers as if they were top customers. Effectively and successfully implemented, a company could succeed with this feat, then not only will they be profitable but it would reduce the impact of economic conditions and other industry factors outside of their control.

Benefits to your business:

    •           Increased brand loyalty
    •           Reduced cost of doing business
    •           Increased opportunities to cross sell and upsell
    •           Target and retain profitable customers, move more customers to the top
    •           Better understanding of how your products and services meet your customers need

Ben McConnels’s book on customer evangelism states that your business will be successful IF:

    •           Satisfy the customers wants, needs and expectations in your product and company.
    •           The company and product is easy to use and work with.
    •           It is a good value.
    •           Makes the customer’s life’s better by solving a customer problem he didn’t know he had.

We agree 100%! If you are ready to take a holistic view of your customers and take your sales and marketing processes to the next level, contact us today.

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